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How are Youth Xl and Adult Small Different?

Have you ever wondered if there was a difference between youth and adult shirts?

Yes, that is correct. There isn’t much difference between an adult small and a youth large. Adults tend to be taller than the Adult Small, so most brands will make it a little longer in the torso. Some brands will make the adult small shirt longer, while others will make it narrower.

What is a youth XL equivalent to?

The width of an adult small is the same as the length of a youth large. The adult small may be slightly wider than the youth large.

Is youth size the same as men’s?

Are boys and girls shoe sizes the same if men’s shoes are a continuation of children’s shoes? Children’s shoes are the same size as men’s, but youth shoes are different.

What age is youth XL?

The international average age is 15 to 16 years old for youth large fit. A women’s 12 is the same as a junior’s 13 to 16. If you wear a large in juniors, try a medium, if you wear a small, try a small.