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Difference Between Square D Homeline and Qo?

Homeline is the ‘price competitive’ model from SquareD, while QO is the higher quality panel. The historical reasons for the difference are most likely due to the consolidation of the electrical manufacturing industry.

Will Square D QO fit in homeline panel?

There are differences between the Homeline and QO branches. The Homeline branch breakers cannot be used in QO.

What does QO stand for on Square D breakers?

Their best-known product line is the Square D ‘QO’ line of miniature circuitbreakers. The fastest opening breakers in use in the industry are called the QO breakers. They open after a single full power cycle of a 60 Hz line. The visual trip indicator on the breakers makes it easy to spot a tripped breaker.

What are the two different types of Square D breakers?

The cost is the main difference between QO and Square D Homeline. QO breakers stand out for their superior performance, while Homeline breakers are more appealing because of their low cost. QO breakers are more expensive than homeline breakers, but they are still worth it.

What other breakers are compatible with homeline?

Square D decided to reject the Homeline breakers from being installed in the Homeline panels because of their bus bars.

What is homeline?

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Are QO and Homeline main breakers the same?

Different types of protection are offered by Square D’s Homeline and QO breakers. Circuit breakers are used for overload and short circuit protection. At a price that makes them the best value in their class, Homeline circuit breakers are built with the same quality you have come to expect from Square D. The exclusive Visi-Trip indicator can be found on all QO circuit breakers. When a QO Visi-Trip circuit breaker trips, the handle snaps to a halfway position between ‘OFF’ and ‘ON”, and a red indicator shows.

Are Homeline and QO breakers compatible?

Both QO and Square D Homeline circuit breakers can be used. A QO breaker box can be used to fit a Square D Homelinebreaker. The Homeline and QO breaker boxes are certified by the American National Standards Institute.

Is Square D Homeline any good?

Homeline and QO breakers are only used for residential purposes. Heavy appliances can be handled by QO breakers, which come in single, double, and triple-pole configurations. Homeline and QO breakers come with extra features, such as the Vis-Trip Indicator, but they are cheaper.